Draft Classics

Red Rock Draft Classics are available on-tap at our brewpub; restaurants; and fine beer establishments throughout Utah.

Draft Classic TapsOur Draft Classic beers fall into what’s called a ‘Session’ category.  A typical session beer contains less  than 5% ABV; is well balanced  and very drinkable.   By law, draft beer sold in Utah’s restaurants cannot exceed 4% ABV.  Stronger beers are available, but are sold in bottles only.

You would think that this silly law would inhibit our creativity, but it’s had just the opposite effect.  It has forced us to learn better brewing techniques and has improved the standard of our beer overall.

It’s easy to hide a beers imperfection behind a big mask of alcohol.  It’s much harder to brew a full flavored beer that tastes great at 4%.

If you were to add up all the awards that have been earned by Utah breweries over the last 20-years, you’ll understand why our brewers get cherry-picked by the big-boys from time to time.  They have mad brewing skills.


Red Rock Draft Classics:

Honey Wheat
Ever since the brewers at Red Rock offered the first glass of Honey Wheat, it has met with great reviews. This sharply refreshing, light-bodied, straw-colored ale leaves just a hint of honey on the tongue. Great with salad specials and light desserts.

Organic Zwickel BierGold Medal, Great American Beer Festival
A rather old, rare and unique style German style beers, Kellerbiers are unfiltered and unpasturized lagers that date back to the middle ages. Made from organic malt from Wyermann malting company and organic, whole leaf Hallertau hops. This beer has won medals at the Great American Beer Festival not just once, but twice!!

The American version of the renowned German wheat beer. Its popularity has been boosted by its reputation as a health remedy. Unfiltered, this smooth beer retains much of its yeasty magic plus a bit of tartness-an ideal companion to mild pasta and chicken dishes.

Steamer – Bronze Medal, North American Brewers Association
Slight hop bitterness, light copper in color. The Steamer is brewed with lager yeast but fermented at ale temperature. This results in a crisp, heavily hopped, but well balanced brew.

Rye Pale Ale
This is an American pale ale brewed with malted rye, a twist on the normal grain bill that would be produced with 100% malted barley. Rye adds a slight spicy aroma and a soft creamy mouth feel.

Hibernien Ale
A very malty, Irish style ale. Clean filtered and reddish brown in color. Low bitterness, with a slight hop finish. Up front character is caramel malt tones. The Hibernian Society, which this is named after, is an international organization of Irish culture.

Amber Ale
Brewed in the traditional style of the Pacific Northwest, our aromatic Amber Ale offers just the right balance between the sweetness of the malt and the dry tang of Cascade hops. Very popular among Red Rock regulars. Great with seafood entrees.

India Dark Ale
This is an American-style India black IPA, dark in color with a very aggressive American hop aroma and flavor.

Belgian Dark
Belgian Darks offer a massive range of characters. Red Rock’s version was a collaboration with Chris McCombs (a former Red Rock Brewer who’s now at the New Belgian Brewery). Dark brown, unfiltered with a big malt presence. Phenolic, spicy aroma, soft & malty. A unique Belgian yeast strain is used.

Oatmeal Stout
This rich, full-bodied brew will dazzle your tongue with the different types of malt, a hint of chocolate and a suggestion of coffee. Our darkest ale, medium bitterness, made with 8 different types of malt, very dark, served using a nitrogen push.